Would you even notice.


Do you have those days were you just feel ugly, And like no one likes you?

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try it.



Sorry I haven’t posted in soooo long!

So here’s basically a Re-Cap of what you’ve all missed.

- I’ve been really happy.

- I turned vegetarian.

- My hot “Boy Next Door” neighbor. Like damn. Where did you come from?!¬†Okay so.. We went to see fireworks together on Victoria’s day, and shared a blanket for like 30 minutes. < Which has been the highlight of my life.

- Saw an old friend of mine - The one who knows all my secrets, I have wrote about her briefly before.

- I’m writing a book.

- I started drawing again.

-I plan to start cooking and baking again.

-I’ve been reading allot of Romance Novels - Apparently I’m quite the hopeless romantic, because I am loving every word of these books.

- I start my first job on saturday - First job other than baby sitting.

- I’ve been sleeping all week.

- I cried today for the first time in a long while, Not really sure why I started crying or what triggered it. I woke up and I just felt like a really big failure, at everything. Love, Life, Simple things etc.

- And not 10 minutes ago I messaged Byron. Why I don’t know. I still haven’t talked to him since Valentines Day, not like he’s made any effort to talk to me.

-I lost a shit load of weight, Buuuut. I think I gained most of it back. 

and that’s kind of all that’s happened. it’s been what 2-3 months since I last wrote? And that ^ is all I have to show for it. Wow. I suck..

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anyone who says “just internet friends” is a fucking douche okaymy internet friends have wiped my tears dozens more times than my “real life friends”

This is so goddamn relevant I couldn’t not reblog it before going to sleep

unfortunately, I don’t think the parental units will ever understand this.

when someone says that (‘just’ internet friends) i just want to fucking do something dramatic. they have no idea.

Once, my dad said that ‘internet friends’ are not real and I said to him that without these ‘unreal friends’ I would not be alive anymore. He hasn’t bothered me about it ever since.

My internet friends are probably more true friends than my friends in real life because they love me for my personality and don’t care about my looks or how I live. I love both my internet and real friends, but my internet friends,they happen to be the people I can be mostly honest with. And i met alot of amazing people through the internet. ♥